Thats right. Im back.

I’ve been MIA for the past few months, and now im back. So I hope everyones ready to really get your clique awn.


xo Massie Bloock ox


Paradise Love

We landed in our TOP SECRET Island this ‘morning and headed straight for the beach.


A beach photographer took our photo, we didn’t know he was taking it, then he show’d us and gave us it. ❤
 I know, a short post. But i’ve gawt stuff to do ❤
 PS: There may nawt be a post awn Friday.

 Forever and Always, Massie Block.






Friday Night Lights

As awl of you know Friday’s are when I host my Friday night Sleepover. Well, this night was different. We went to the Valentines day Dance!


After school, the PC and I boarded the range rover and headed to my house, Jacob(hair), inez(lawts of stuff) and Essie(makeup) already waiting there to get us ready. We had our put awn our silk robes and enjoyed a few bowls of edame before we gawt dressed (it would have been sushi but that would meen no kissing 😉 ).

An hour later, landon arrived with the rest of the boys (Derrington, Dempsey, and Josh) in a hummer strech limmo, Dempsey was nawt too excited about it being a ‘hummer’ but quickly gawt over it when he spawtted Kristen. Wearing an emereld green metalic mini dress and black pumps, she looked ahmazing thanks to me. As for Dylan, in that black sequin empire waist mini, that flowed just above the knee with some dark pink tule, made her look like Gisele, but with red hair, expecialy with her black strappy heels making her legs look sky-high. And Alicia, with a muted metalic pink mini, embellishments along the sweetheart neckline, and glittery nude pumps, she looked stunning. And then there was me, Silk strapless red dress with a quilted bodice and sweetheart neckline. Rouched waist, and a barelythere back, paired with black and  gold studded  heels. Gawd did I look beautiful, and Landon sure did too because…WAIT, I dont kiss and tell! 😉

The rest of the night was AHMAZING. Landon and I won the Cupid Award, and with that 2 gift cards to the Cheesecake Warehouse (which we gave to Dylan and Derrington).

Partiee, Partiee, and Paritee some more…

Then our Limo arrived to take us awl home, said goodbye to our crushes, then the PC headded back to my Estate for our Friday night sleepover!

We gawsiped, we laughed, it was truely an ahmazing night. ❤

The PC just left, and now im finished writing this…

Forever and Always, Massie Block

PS: My VDay dance outfit is posted awn the fashion page.


Hey Girlies! Hope the wait wasn’t too long. I would have posted sooner but I had other priorities to take care of…

Such as shawpping with the PC. And you know I could never turn down a shoporunity! It was nawt just ANY shawpping trip, it was a Valentine’s Day DANCE shawpping trip. We hit awl the stores, searching high and low for what to wear, Dylan ‘borrowed’ her Mum’s stylist for the day, Merri Lee was supposed to be interviewing someone that day but she snuck her  out before Merri Lee found out. Anywayz, Alicia tottaly had a panic attack in Barney’s “EHMAGWAD! I dont know which one I like better! Which one will I wear to the Dance! AHHH!” But thank-gawd I was there to tell her that its nawt like shes poor and she can just get BOTH. Jeeze, if my friends did nawt have me they would probably go INSANE. The other way around too, tho nawt so much.

You will find out what dresses we gawt for the Vday Dance sometime awn the FASHION page.


Just a reminder, im looking for a Kristen, Dylan and Alicia for my PC! Fill out an app awn the PRETTY COMMITTEE page and I will let you know shortly after!




Landon is so cute but SO AHNOYING! His mom has major family connections with Marc Jacobs and he was talking about his mom having a meeting or something with him for her store, Bark Jacobs, Landon’s mom said he could bring me but I also over heard him and his mom talking and L said it may nawt be the best idea to have me come! For reasons that Im nawt going to be sharing with you, its a tottal PCPC (Pretty Committee Private Convo). An anyhoo, im tottaly going to have to be a tottal KISS ASS for the next week if MJ and I are ever going to meet. I’ll let you know how that goes.


A new Current State of the Union has been posted. I will update FASHION next.


Forever and Always, Massie Block.

PS: There might be another post comming up later because I feel as if I have forgawt to include something in this one…



What’s In Massie Block’s Bag?

Everyone probably wonders what an Alpha like My Self carries in her bag. Well, today Im going to show you.

Currently, my bag looks like this:

Its Miu Miu.



Her secret words: Chanel Half Tint Sunglasses
Limited Edition Chanel Sunglasses
tic tacs, fresh mints
Mint Tic Tacs
Kissaholic Lip Gloss
3 Tubes of Glossip Girl
INCASE Housse perforée pour iPhone 4
iPhone 4
All Over Hearts Tulle Tights
Extra Pair Of Tights
Purple Rain Nail Polish - NARS
NARS Purple Nail Polish
Tiffany NotesBallpoint pen
Tiffany Pen
Chanel - No.5 Sensual Elixir (Collection Seduction) 50ml/1.7oz
Chanel no. 5
Nutz Over Chocolate | LUNA Bar | Our Products |
Nutz Over Chocolate Luna Bar
Continental wallet
Tiffany Wallet
Exclusive Credit Cards With Sky-High Limits
Credit Cards
.100 dollar bill - Sök på Google..
Juicy Couture - S/4 Love Bobby Pins (Multi) - Accessories
Juicy Couture Bobby Pins
Casio® Exilim EX-S12 12.1MP Camera (Black) -
Contrast Vent Hair Brush
Jacob Sallon Hair Brush
Juicy Couture Leopard Barrel Cosmetic Bag
Juicy Couture Makeup Bag Containing Makeup
Tweezerman - Polka Dot Swarovski Crystal Slant Tweezer (Special Edition) - Midnight Sky 1 pc
Tweezerman Tweezers
Mockitecture: House Keys
Key Chain
Evian Facial Water Spray
Evian Mineral Water Spray
Massie Block's ID Card! Use only if your in OCD School!
OCD Student ID Card




 Tell Me Whats In Your Bag In the Cawments!

Forever and Always, Massie Block.

Nawt So Tottaly Well

Im nawt feeling 100% hawt today. I have a cold/caugh/sore throat. I’ve spent the last 3 hours watching Gossip Girl seasons 1 and 2 awn DVD.

Alicia’s gawt Dance, Dylan’s with Derrington doing who knows what, and Kristens Tudoring some twins whos names I couldn’t care less to know. And Landon is was suposed to be comming over, but thers no way in hell he is seeing me when I look like this.

Right now inez is painting my nails pale pink, with sparkely nail polish over tawp. So ahmazingly chic.

So I should probs go, i’ve gawt things to do…well nawt really but anyways (:

Forever and Always, Massie Block ❤